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These juzu are rosewood, originally machine-made. The woman who commissioned these provided me with the green kyochi myogo (knuckle) beads. She requested soo chow jade for the bodhisattva beads, and I found the seed beads to go along. These colours really go well together — the wood is redder than it appears here. I restring beads for $75, which includes shipping. It takes just as long to resting as to create from scratch. I have restrung other sets, but never thought to get images of them.

I have enjoyed making juzu for over a decade. Over the years I have improved the way they are strung and found materials that will hold up for years if they are treated well and never rubbed. I include instructions for care of your juzu with your order. I have had a set for ten years that shows no sign of wear because I am careful with them. I use them almost daily and take them to meetings, and could still sell them as brand new.