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I have been in desktop publishing since high school.

FRAUD WARNING: Cashier's checks are no longer automatically safe to cash. Some banks will not verify their validity before cashing. It is now a common thing to receive a fraudulent cashier's check. If your bank will not verify a cashier's check, look online for the bank it's drawn on and call them yourself. Washington Mutual Bank considers it the customer's responsibility to verify their own cashier's checks. They will not protect you. Ask your bank about that. If that is a service they do not provide, consider changing banks. Will your bank protect you from fraud?

I asked Washington Mutual to verify a cashier's check of which I was suspicious. They released the funds immediately. It was returned counterfeit, but they consider that my negligence.

If a Nigerian offers to buy something you are selling, don't respond. If anyone overseas offers to buy something you are selling, do not take it for granted. Look online to read all the horror stories.

Here's mine: http://www.katu.com/news/story.asp?ID=55286

More on scam-prevention:
Scam Victims United

And the number one thing to keep in mind: if something looks good, but inside doesn't feel right, go with that feeling. If I had gone with that feeling, I would have lost a chance to be scammed, not a chance to make money!


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