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Dearest Arika:

The juzu arrived on the 22nd, and I have to say that I was totally blown away by the beauty and the care with which you created this set of juzu for Tommy. You are a true artist!

I was chanting for you while you were making the juzu, and I will continue to chant for you as long as I am breathing. I am so grateful and appreciative to you and to the Gohonzon for this wonderful gift of faith. I wish I could adequately describe the look of surprise and wonder on Tommy's face when he opened the box, and saw the juzu for the first time. Everything was perfect!!!! The azurite and the accents you chose were so beautiful. He was so inspired. The beads reminded him of little planets. He has always had a special interest in the concept of other worlds as mentioned in the Lotus Sutra. He loves to explain the concept of asogi nayuta to new members. He was really inspired, and he's chanting more daimoku than ever. Thank you, thank you!

I am going to order a set of juzu for myself. You should be seeing other orders too. His sister is very interested too. I know when the other members see his juzu, you will be getting more business!!! They really have special meaning, and your explanation of their significance is wonderful. I can really feel the power of your daimoku in your work.

Every detail was perfect. I can't express my appreciation to you enough. You are a wonderful Bodhisattva of the Earth!!!!


I was off work but they called me (I had asked them to if anything came in) I opened the box before I left the building and they are beautiful. The gentleman with the poppy jasper is very pleased with the colors and I love the lapis… We both have one but… and I will fix this in the future when I can afford it… the beads are small for us men. They will be wonderful for now and I've never seen anything like them. The work is exciting and we had Gongyo with them Friday night as soon as we could. Needless to say every time we get near them we will think of you and your art. I have already found something special to keep them in near the altar. Thank you again! Hope this finds you in good spirits and improving heath.

Love & Peace

My Dearest Arika,
The beads arrived Friday. I was a little nervous opening the envelope. Both sets took my breath. They are so beautiful and precious. I did my first daimoku this morning using the crystal chakra juzu beads.  The jasper set was everything I hoped and more. You should be very proud of your work. I am most pleased to have received such a wonderful gift. Bless you — and thank you!
—Janet, New Rochelle, NY

Hi Arika,
She loved it, especially the detail with the copper seeds, and I am a good husband again! Thanks for all your help.
—Stuart, Chicago, IL

Received the beads today. They are gorgeous, thank you! Also they are fun to use since they are magnetized. Perhaps they will inspire me to spend more time chanting. Thanks!
—Catherine, Clemson, SC

My mom was really happy with our gift of your special beads. It put a smile on her face, and she started chanting. You went out of your way, and sold me your only pair. I will not forget it.
—John, Portland, OR

WOW! I got the beads! They are truly beautiful—I have no doubt [she] will love them. I will send you her reaction after xmas. I am sure she will be delighted—how could she not be, they are stunning! Even after seeing the photo on the Internet, I was still shocked by their beauty! Thank you very much and did I say WOW?!...
[She] was thrilled to receive the Juzu you made for her. She almost cried when she opened it! She never expected that I bet. She seemed proud when she said, "Oooh, I'm going to be the envy of all the girls!"
—In peace, David, Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for the beads. They are absolutely beautiful. You do great work.
—JR, Omaha, NE

I received the beads and they are so lovely. I attended a meeting and received compliments. My husband loves them too! I will order a set for my husband. I will pass your name on to other members! I love my beads. Thank you so much.
—With great sincerity, Yvette, Newburgh, NY

Hi! YES! I got them... they are beautiful... they feel so wonderful in my hands.
—Christina, Oakland, CA

Dear Arika,
The beads arrived today and they are even more lovely than the picture. You are a wonderful artist. Thank you thank you thank you.
—Nam myoho renge kyo, Tori, Gilbert, AZ

I can't thank you enough for creating my new set of juzu beads. They are absolutely beautiful. More importantly, they keep my practice focused on two attributes of the beads, namely durability and beautiful splendor. The beads will last me a lifetime, just as my practice will. And the beautiful splendor reminds me to live a beautiful value-creating life where enthusiastic dreams come true through daily practice. How marvelous. Thanks!
—Bob, Portland, OR