Welcome to the Liquid Silver Elegance site. Here you will find the best in lovely and unique sterling silver creations. While you may find some of these designs elsewhere, the delicate beauty of our creations is unique. LSE has been making quality hand-crafted sterling silver jewelry since 1985. Over the years, LSE has refined the look and feel of the jewelry we sell. We have had so many comments from people all over the globe as to the simple yet stunning beauty of our jewelry.

It is worth noting that LSE has gone to great lengths to reproduce as nearly as possible the actual look of this very special jewelry. We are confident that should you purchase any of our liquid silver jewelry you will be impressed with its elegance and the feel on your skin. Shop and compare and you will come back to Liquid Silver Elegance.

Our liquid silver jewelry comes in a variety of styles. We have weave patterns and scattered designs, with or without beads of silver, gold, turquoise, malachite, jet, lapis. demin Lapis, sugilite (purple), and coral (not from the sea). All items come in standard sizes: 7" for bracelets 9" for anklets, 16”, 18”, and 24" for unadorned and scattered necklaces. Most weave patterns are 16" to 18". We will customize the length of any piece if standard sizes are inadequate. Necklaces can be made into choker size, (15”) if you prefer.

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Terry Davis
Eureka, California
email: southwestern_ware@yahoo.com

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